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Category Code Product Name Unit Price AUD$
Car Accessory 1 Lumo car mp3 with FM modulator AUD$18
  2 3 to 1 Cigarrete Lighter plus USB charger AUD$15
Speaker 3 mini Mobile Speaker with MP3 player AUD$32
4 Music Angel for ipod / PC AUD$28
5 PC speaker AUD$12
6 speed 2.1 multimeadia speaker AUD$35
  7 speed 5.1 multimeadia speaker AUD$55
PC Mouse 8 Lumo wireless mouse AUD$28
9 Laser USB cable mouse AUD$18
10 Optical retractable mouse AUD$12
  11 Bluetooth wireless mouse AUD$38
Earphone 12 Exper PC earphone with mic AUD$15
13 Standard 3.5mm earphone AUD$12
  14 TDK earphone AUD$10
Bluetooth Dongle 15 Bluetooth Dongle smallest AUD$20
  16 Bluetooth Dongle 100 meter range AUD$35
PC Webcam 17 Standard Webcam AUD$18
  18 2MP glass lens webcam AUD$45
Internet  19 Tenda modem Router 54Mpb AUD$179
20 USB Adapter 54Mpb AUD$25
21 USB Adapter 150Mpb AUD$35
  22 Norton Internet Security 2010 for 1 PC AUD$42
PC Game accessories 23 PC Game joystick AUD$38
Memory - USB pen drive 24 A-Ram USB 2GB AUD$12
  25 Sandisk USB 4GB AUD$18
Latop cooling pad 26 Aluminium plus USB hub latop cooling pad AUD$25
27 Big fan laptop cooling pad AUD$15
  28 3 small fans laptop cooling pad AUD$14
Memory - Micro SD  29 Kingston micro SD plus SD adapter  2GB AUD$14
30 Kingston micro SD plus SD adapter  4GB AUD$24
  31 Kingston micro SD plus SD adapter  8GB AUD$38
Blank CD / DVD 32 Princo 50pcs DVD pack AUD$12
33 Intact 50pcs CD pack AUD$12
  34 skytech 50pcs CD pack AUD$10
Cable 35 HDMI cable 3 meters AUD$18
36 PC to TV VGA cable 3 meters AUD$18
  37 Network cable 15m / 20m / 25m AUD$18
Wireless earphone 38 15 in 1 wireless earphone AUD$20
39 Bluetooth headset for phone AUD$29
  40 Bluetooth stereo headset for phone & PC AUD$59
Battery 41 MP 4pcs pack AA rechargeable battery AUD$12
42 MP 4pcs pack AAA rechargeable battery AUD$12
Charger 43 USB Universal charger AUD$18
44 Universal car charger AUD$15
Wii Accessories 45 15 in 1 Sport pack AUD$35
DS Accessories 46 DS touch pen stylus 4pcs pack AUD$10
47 DS screen protector AUD$10
  48 DS Clear PC case AUD$14
Media Center 49 SD / USB media player to TV AUD$49
GPS / Phone car holder 50 Universal  Car Holder AUD$20
51 Compact Universal Car Holder AUD$20
  52 Double Universal Car Holder AUD$25
PC USB Hub  53 10 Port USB Hub AUD$25
54 4 Port USB Hub AUD$15
PC External DVD burner 55 USB external DVD burner AUD$85
Wireless Keyboard / Mouse 56 Microsoft Desktop 700  AUD$54
57 Blaze wireless keyboard / mouse AUD$39
PCTV 58 Mini DVB-T PCTV Nano outdoor AUD$89
Ipad accessories 59 Ipad Screen protector AUD$15
60 Ipad back cover AUD$25
61 Ipad Case AUD$45
HDMI Switch 62 3 to 1 HDMI Switch AUD$49
63 5 to 1 HDMI Switch AUD$59
Iphone accessories 64 iphone Car charger AUD$15
65 Iphone portable external battery AUD$25
Lamp 66 12 LED head lamp  AUD$12
  67 PC LED lamp super bright AUD$12
Universal remote 68 Universal remote with learning function AUD$20
69 LCD Universal remote with learning function AUD$45
Memory Card Reader 70 43 in 1 Memory card reader AUD$15
  71 All in One zMemory card Reader AUD$20
Tripod 72 Photo digital tripod AUD$45
Power board 73 6 switch power board surge protection AUD$34

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